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Title Price Weight grams
Assigned. Convicts who came to the Broulee District (Downloadable PDF file, 187 pages, illus.) Order form.$25.00
Assigned. Convicts who came to the Broulee District (187 pages, illus. Comb Bound hard copy) Order form.$35.00500
Bergalia, Meringo, Bingie by Shirley Jurmann (Downloadable PDF file, 138 pages, illus.) Order form.$25.00
Bergalia, Meringo, Bingie by Shirley Jurmann (138 pages, illus. Hard copy) Order form.$35.00500
Beyond Bodalla (includes Nerrigundah) by Colin O'Toole (A5, 80p) $10 180
The Bodalla Book. Transcript of booklet by Ernest Mort and James Benson (A5, 28p) $5.00 50
The Bodalla Estate from 1860 to 1989. (A4, 116p., photos)$20500
The Story of Bodalla(A5, 26p.)$3.00 50
The Dempsey Family Story by Patricia Hyland (A5, 70p., photos)$8.00 110
The Club House Hotel's Story by Shirley Jurmann (A5, 20p., photos)$8.00 50
Eurobodalla by H.J. Gibney (A5, 191p., photos)(Out of Print)
Eurobodalla Almanac (A5, 87 p., photos)$9.00 175
Granitetown Memories by Ruth Weberley (A5, 96p., photos)$8.00 180
The Hawdon family. Occupation then ownership of Kyla Park 1832 to 1973 $10.00 100
Index to Deaths (1)1856-1905 (2) 1906-1945 each (A4).$10.00 200
Kiora Kith and Kin. The story of Kiora, Wamban and Mungarie and the pioneer families who lived there by Shirley Jurmann. (A4, 94p., photos, map) $20.00. 230
Life on the Moruya River. 1881-1899. by John Sewell (A5, 80p., illus.)$12200
The Life of Old Moruya by A.F Emmott (A4, 7p)$2.00 60
Memories of Tomakin by Maurice Cowan (A5, 12p., illus) $5.00 35
Milk and Cheese, Eurobodalla's Dairy Industry (A5, 64p., photos)$8.00 75
Mining & The Maritime Station (A4, 18p)$2.00 60
Moruya 1920. Memories of Vulcan Street in the Twenties by May Koellner (A5, 17p)$5.00 30
Moruya, The First 150 Years (Out of Print)
Moruya and District in 1871 (A5, 42p., illus)$10 60
Moruya Pioneer Directory 2004 (2 Volumes) (A4, 302p & 393p) (2018 edition available in pdf format only $30.) $50.00 625
Moruya's Golden Years (A5, 42p., illus)$5.00 75
Mullenderee in 1900 by A.F Emmott (A4, 8p)$2.00 50
Not Forgotten, Memorials in Granite by Christine Greig (A5, 96p., Photos)$12.00 200
100 Years Ago 1899 to 1922
(V. 1-18, A5, 50p approx.$6.00 each; V. 19-24, A4 size $10.00 each)
$6.00 - $10.00
75 each
Past and Present. Published 2006 (A5, 64p, Photos)$10.00  
Pictures from the Past (A5, 64p, Photos)$10.00  
Set in Stone. Moruya's place in the history of NSW by Shirley Jurmann
(A5, 36p., photographs.)
$6.00 40
16 Women of Early Eurobodalla by Noel Warry (Out of Print)
A Short history of the Moruya Airport World War II. (A5)$5.00 60
The Story of Harry's House House by Shirley Jurmann (A5, 28p., photos)$8.00 50
The Story of my Life - Braemar House by Shirley Jurmann (A5, 22p., photos)$8.00 50
The Story of My Life - The Postmaster's House by Shirley Jurmann (A5, 53p., photos)$10.00 50
Tuross River Childhood by Josephine Kelly (A5, 64p., photos)$5.00 100
Wedding Fashions. Local Moruya Couples by Shirley Jurmann
(A5, 54p., photographs.)
$8.00 50
Who's been living in my Moruya Street? by Shirley Jurmann (Downloadable PDF file, 191 pages, illus.) Order form.$25.00
Who's been living in my Moruya Street? by Shirley Jurmann (191 pages, illus. Comb Bound hard copy)$35.00500
DVDs and CDs
Behind Broulee by William A. Bayley 1978. CD 2005$25.00 Inc postage 0
Soldiers of the Eurobodalla DVD 2015$20.00 plus $5 postage 0
Moruya Pioneer Directory. Updated 2018.Can also be ordered as a pdf file.$35.00 Inc postage. 0

Back issues of our Journal are also available $6.00,
or pre 2005 $2.00 50 grams Please add postage & packing as follows:
Letter post (items under 2cm thick) - single small books such as The Story of Harry's House $4.00; Larger books under 500grams $6.00.
Parcel post Under 500 grams $10; 500 grams to 1kg $16; over 1kg $20.
Mail orders should be accompanied by a cheque to Moruya and District Historical Society Inc

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The Secretary
PO Box 259, Moruya NSW 2537