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The Story of Vera Myrtle Colefax
Vera Myrtle Colefax known as Myrtle to her family was the daughter of William Colefax and Alice Gadde. She grew up in Moruya and gained her early eduction and love of learning from her Moruya teachers. She went on to graduate from Sydney University becoming a language teacher.
Business Women of Moruya
This article examines the lives of the Moruya women who were listed in the 1919 Sands Directory.

Three enterprising businessmen of Moruya
James Mooney, Arthur Weatherby and Jack King.

Walter Arnett, Saddler.
Walter Arnett was a saddler who served his apprenticeship in Moruya and then set up his own business.

Reginald Heber Barlow.
Reginald Barlow is probably best remembered today for the historical legacy he left us with his Barlows Almanac of 1875, and his reporting on aboriginal stories and customs
John Thomas Brogan and his family and their houses
John Thomas Brogan and his family lived in Moruya where he worked as a builder until his tragic death by drowning in the Moruya River along with his daughter Kathleen.
William Caswell
William Caswell was the first Police Magistrate in Moruya.
William Leggett alias Campbell.
William was a man who reinvented himself when he went to England and came to Australia.
John Fleet Louttit.
When crushed by the stone for the Captain Cook Monument when it was being loaded at Moruya John was not expected live but survive he did, though for the rest of his life only his home made shark oil gave him pain relief.
Dr Irwin Hugh Mackay.
Dr Mackay was a most likeable and understanding family physician and outstanding surgeon.
William Malbon
Moruya's bumbling Police Officer.

Eric Milgate.
Eric Milgate was a poet, an artist and writer. But in the time of the Great Depression he took any work he could get, including working on a dairy farm and sleeper cutting behind Moruya..
Captain William Oldrey
Magistrate and early settler at Broulee.

Thomas Watt
Thomas Watt was a Pilot at the Moruya Pilot Station.


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