Broulee was the first Harbour in the area but with the establishment of a Pilot Station at the entrance to the Moruya River the port of Moruya developed.
Below is a selection of articles and stories in pdf format relating to shipping in the area.

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Moruya Pilot Station's Log 1860 to 1874
Pilot John Ross
This is a transcription of the original log held by NSW Archives.
Letters from Captain Ross, Moruya Pilot and Captain of the Hashemy
Letter 1 recalls his trip to Sydney in 1824 on the Phoenix. Letter 2 was published in the Perth Gazette of 1851 when he was Captain of the Hashemy.
The Moses Fletcher was built in 1872 on Tuross Lake
She was a 67 foot ketch built for Captain Moses Fletcher for the coastal trade.
The Alligator
A small coastal trading vessel purchased by John Hawdon and used on the Moruya River
The Comet
The Hobbs family story of a journey from Sydney and Narooma on the Comet with Captain Moonlight at the helm
Specifications for a Whaleboat for the Moruya Pilot Station
Boating in the 1840's
Stories of boating in the Moruya area from the 1840's
Stories include George Mulhass rowing back to Sydney from Moruya, Christopher Brown's Schooners and Robert Gee's The Swift.
The wreck of the Kameruka in 1897
This story includes the legendery saving of all on board by the pig.
The wreck of the Rover in 1842 seen through the eyes of 11 year old eye witness Joseph White
Story presented by Michael Mates.
The Pilot Station Shipping Log and the Narani
The log records all vessels arriving and leaving the port of Moruya between 1921 and 1949. It gives the vessel name, its Captain, length and tonnage. The Narani one of the ISNCo boats was a regular to the Moruya River and seconded to the Navy in WW11.
The wreck of the Monaro in 1879 off Kelly's Point, Bingie.
Only the boiler remains today at Bingie.
Shipbuilding in Moruya during WW2 and the South Coast Shipbuilding, Canning and Development Society

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